Jam is a third year MFA candidate at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where she works for the Visiting Artist Program, is the Foundry Technician, teaches Beginning Sculpture, and is President of Critical Forum: C-4. She received her MA degree at Eastern Illinois University, and her BS in painting from Illinois State University. She is a sculptor who has exhibited throughout Central Illinois and the Midwest.

Through use of tangible materials, I create objects that become a physical representation of my relationships with others. My process begins with a journal entry. I then rewrite the entry as a poem, which gets translated into an object composed of materials I have collected throughout my life. Some materials come from loved ones such as dryer lint, hair, and old clothing. Other materials are gathered during events I have attended such as flowers from a party, leaves from a group hike, or wood shavings from a studio visit. During my process I am given another opportunity to remember the events from the entry and recreate them as an object that embodies human interaction. My work serves as a means to investigate my relationships and share them with others.

Contact me at jamlovellart@gmail.com