Jam is a second year MFA candidate at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where she works for the Visiting Artist Program and is President of Critical Forum: C-4. She received her MA degree at Eastern Illinois University, and her BS in painting from Illinois State University. She is a sculptor who has exhibited throughout Central Illinois and the Midwest.

Through use of tangible materials, I create objects that become a physical representation of my relationships with others. My process begins with a journal entry. I then rewrite the entry as a poem, which gets translated into an object composed of materials I have collected throughout my life. Some materials come from loved ones such as dryer lint, hair, and old clothing. Other materials are gathered during events I have attended such as flowers from a party, leaves from a group hike, or wood shavings from a studio visit. During my process I am given another opportunity to remember the events from the entry and recreate them as an object that embodies human interaction. My work serves as a means to investigate my relationships and share them with others.

Contact me at jamlovellart@gmail.com